Dietzel International Hospitality Recruiting will not represent any applicant who does not have a proven work record, professional qualifications, and references.

We would like to point out that Dietzel International Hospitality Recruitment does not accept any fees whatsoever from applicants. There are certain requirements expected from you the applicant. We do require that you are serious and motivated when you apply; and that you can and will provide us with all the material and information we need, like your detailed resumé, letters of recommendation, references, diplomas, etc. All information provided to us by you, must be accurate and truthful and without omissions. All statements made by you must be based on fact with no intent to mislead.

Our service is FREE for all of our candidates. We will keep your information confidential and will not forward or post your data anywhere without your approval.

To apply to one of our current positions or if you want to be considered for future vacancies fitting your background and career aspirations, please complete the RESUME SUBMISSION FORM and/or send your resumé via separate e-mail to

Please note: we only accept resumes in Microsoft-WORD, PDF, or Rich Text Format. Please ensure your resumé contains all relevant information: employment history, and your full contact information. Always mention the position you are interested in.